Part II

Part II – Footprints Of The Forest – a live performance for three voices

By Maria Misgeld

Performed by

  • Voice – Maria Misgeld
  • Voice – Eva Rune
  • Voice – Karin Ericsson Back
  • Audio technician and supervisor – Henrik Frisk
  • Light – Anders Undelius
  • Video – Jonathan Bondesson
  • Artistic supervisor – Susanne Rosenberg


  • Berget  / Crying Mountain – Theresia Billberg
  • Hio Hayo & Footsoldiers – Petter Berndalen
  • SoundScape – Hadrian Prett


  • Vallåtsmodusskog 
  • Hål i huvudet
  • Berget – Crying Mountain
  • Hio Hayo
  • Footsoldiers
  • Rummet- The Space
  • SoundScape

Klangkupolen at Royal College of Music in Stockholm, October 13, 2017

Thanks to

Eva Rune, Karin Ericsson Back, Susanne Rosenberg, Theresia Billberg, Henrik Frisk, Hadrian Prett, Petter Berndalen, Jonathan Bondesson, Anders Undelius, Olof Misgeld

This project is based on questions about the significance of the acoustic space for kulning (herding call). Could I kula without a forest? Would I be able to create a “virtual forest” indoor where the voice can subside and echo the same way as outdoors? In this project I explore these questions by improvisation and composition in kulning in indoor spaces.