Claim The Space, solo performance

Artistic supervisors – Henrik Frisk and Susanne Rosenberg

Light – Anders Undelius

Video – Sara Taqesh

Co producers on SoundScape – Hadrian Prett, on Inside Out – Theresia Billberg.


  • BlueModus
  • Requiem
  • Ho, ho
  • Inside Out
  • Claim The Space
  • SoundScape

In the electro-acoustic dome at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Performed by Maria Misgeld, the 9th of February 2018.

Thanks to

Susanne Rosenberg, Karin Rhenqvist, Sven Ahlbäck, Micke Marin, Theresia Billberg, Henrik Frisk, Hadrian Prett,  Anders Undelius, Olof Misgeld, Sara Taqesh.

and my wonderful audience who gave me valuable feedback.

This project is based on questions about the significance of the acoustic space for kulning (herding call). Would I be able to create a “virtual voice forest” indoor? In this project I explore these questions by solo improvisation and composition in kulning in indoor spaces.