Footprints Of The Forest

Claim The Space – Exploring the indoor space as an artistic quality in Herding call

Master project by Maria Misgeld at Royal College of Music in Stockholm. This project is based on questions about the significance of the acoustic space for kulning (herding call). Can I perform kulning without a forest? How can I  explore the creative potentials of kulning in different acoustical rooms? Is it possible to create a Virtual Forest indoor where my voice can subside and echo the same way as outdoors? I explore these questions by improvisation and composition by kulning in a number of real and virtual spaces. Supervisor: Susanne Rosenberg. Art-works by Love Misgeld

I would like to thank three extraordinary women who have been important role models for me – Margit Finnekåsa, Marit Jensen Lillebuen and Karoline Bergsteth from Norway, whose voices inspired my in the creation of my own personal expression



The Dome  – Spatial herding call composition for different acoustic indoor spaces.

Part I – Composition for mixed choir in the dome of Floda kyrka, an 11th century church in Katrineholm. Performed by Katrineholms kammarkör the 31th of May, 2017. Composition for ladies choir in the dome of Sofia Kyrka in Stockholm. Performed by Cantores Sofiae 19th of May 2018. Supervisor: Karin Rehnqvist

Part II – Composition for three female voices and recordings in the electro-acoustic 29 speaker dome at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Performed by Irmelin the13th of October 2017. Supervisor: Henrik Frisk

Part IIIInside Out, solo performance in the electro-acoustic dome at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Performed by Maria Misgeld, the 9th of February 2018. Supervisors: Henrik Frisk and Susanne Rosenberg.

Methods in short

  • Kulning positions: exploring the effects of directions, body positioning, voice techniques on the sound of the herding call.
  • Shadow Composing: Using shadow singing to get musical ideas to implement in new compositions etc.
  • Grand Piano Lake – Using a Grand Piano as an acoustic space for herding call improvisation
  • Footprints of The Forest – creating virtual musical atmosphere using digital technology.
  • Tutorials – making Kulningstutorials to explore my tacit knowledge of the art of Kulning
  • Transcription and variation – Transcribe traditional material and analyze melodic and rhythmic variation
  • Recordings – explore technical possibilities and issues in the process of recording kulning in indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Improvisation – explore different frameworks for improvisation in live performances and recording