• THE ISLAND OF SORROWS / SORGEÖ I often reflect upon the hard work committed by women, now, as well as back in time. The herding song after Hägermor (born 1832) Gimsbärke, Dalarna is my inspiration and source to The Island of Sorrows. When I wrote this piece I wanted to exhale the grief after my grandmother’s passing. In the tonals from the herding calls and the herding music and expressions, I read in every woman’s joy and sorrow, struggle for equal rights and a life in dignity.
    Music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • HATH THIS DAY / HAVER DENNA DAG I am grateful for the light that conquers the darkness day after day. Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld
  • BREATHLESS / ANDLÖST Euphoria and happiness. We become weightless and fly. Eternal sunshine! Music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • BLESSINGS FOR A NEWBORN / VÄLSIGNELSE AV EN NYFÖDD A Celtic blessing from Carmina Gadelica. At birth, the Midwife would shed three drops of water onto the child’s forehead. Collected and edited by Alexander Carmichael (1832-1912), Scotland. Interpretation from English and my source is Harald Olsen, Swedish translation by Ulla-Stina Rask. Music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • THE DOVE ON THE BRANCH / DUFVAN PÅ QUIST Throwaway society, materialism and global economy, the wheel of consumerism is spinning faster and faster. I want to halt. Does our time need the objects? Sit down on a stump in the forest, feel at home! Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • THE SPACE / RUMMET Herding calls for three soloists who own the room with their voices. Interacting with each other and the echo of the room. Presence!
    Music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • WHEEL OF TIME / TIDEVARV A hymn to man. Lyrics inspiration from the Swedish Hymn Book of 1937. Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • READY FOR STORM / REDO FÖR STORM The melodies go on like waves and creates a flow that never ends. On the utmost isle of the outer archipelago. The singing tradition of the Outer Hebrides and the song Fiollaigean of Murdo MacLeod and John Murray have inspired me. Also the Irish folk music group Deanta and singer Mary Dillon, who is one of my greatest musical ideals, are heard as a whisper in Ready for storm, as a celebration to people with moral courage and bravery to stand up for their fellow humans even when strong winds blow. Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • OH, THOU WHO CANST IN MAN BELEIVE / ACK DU SOM KAN PÅ MÄNNISKAN TRO A remake of hymn 309 from the Swedish Hymn Book of 1695 with traditional music from Floda, Dalarna. I simply had to breathe on the lyrics, and then it transformed and was ready to be sung in 2017. Why do we, in spite of our wealth, live with constant fear of losing what we have? Lyrics remake by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • FOOTSOLDIERS Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • HIO HAY Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • SORGMOD A fanfare for three voices – Lyrics & music by Maria Misgeld 2017
  • SOUNDSCAPE – music by Maria Misgeld & Hadrian Prett 2016
  • The Crying Mountain – music by Maria Misgeld & Theresia Billberg 2017
  • BLUEMODUS – music by Maria Misgeld 2018
  • INSIDE OUT – music by Maria Misgeld 2018
  • CLAIM THE SPACE – music by Maria Misgeld 2018
  • REQUIEM – music by Maria Misgeld 2018